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App doesn't work

The app does not load on either my iPhone 6s or iPhone 4s (the former has the most recent iOS update and the other does not).

Not working.

Stuck on launch screen (spinning circle)

Pizza is life

Super fast super delicious pizza. All I need in life.

Law offices of Jay Law

When I order Presto I feel like a magician, because a tap of my finger and pizza appears. Ladies love this trick. So does my hunger. David Blaine, were you a consultant on this app? Also, this pizza is fire. Obama would love it. Miss you, Presto. See you when I'm bak 2 skool. #prestoforpresident


Tasty food made all the more dope through super fast delivery

Easiest way to order pizza

Pizza was really tasty and arrived really quickly! 🍕🍕🍕

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